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Due for release on Rhythm & Roots Records in summer 2021 Chris Quinn's next album is a collection of original songs and instrumental works that very much follow up on his critically acclaimed debut "Across the Divide". It went on to receive glowing reviews in the UK press and global airplay including plays on the folk scene benchmark BBC Radio 2 Folk Show. The accompanying tour is looking set to be Chris' biggest to date and we'd love you to be a part of it!

Following Chris' love and background in folk music and the folk tradition the songs on the album are sometimes reflective, some are celebratory of the simple things in life, some influenced by current affairs and others genuinely optimistic. But what really sets Chris' songs apart from others on the scene is his technical virtuosity married with a real sense of musicality and showmanship. Recognised over the years by many of the international guitar world's leading figures and critics he has an almost unrivaled command of many styles of acoustic playing; traditional folk, bluegrass, delta blues, jazz, ragtime, gypsy, classical... He's been described in many of the respected music magazines as one of the best around:

“Across the divide, the debut album from Chris Quinn, is the kind of quality release that should propel him to the forefront of the new generation of musicians currently performing on the folk music scene” ACOUSTIC Magazine

"This is his solo debut and should comfortably see him moving several steps up the acoustic scene ladder."

FATEA Magazine

"World Class... Constant international touring over the last decade including a stint opening for the Jools Holland Orchestra as well as playing rhythm guitar for some of the world’s leading gypsy jazz guitarists has given this Shrewsbury born acoustic guitarist and vocalist an enviable confidence." SONGLiNES Magazine

"Across the divide really does live up to it's title, seamlessly merging two traditions with strong songwriting and excellent musicianship." Bright Young Folk

Since the last release in 2016 Chris has been touring constantly,  focusing a lot of his time building a live reputation in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland where he plays around 100 - 120 solo shows per year. He's also been honing his craft working alongside many of the worlds leading acoustic guitarists, in the past 12 months alone Chris has toured and worked with Stochelo Rosenberg, Clive Carroll, Robin Nolan, Paulus Schäfer and John Doyle!  

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